Back to School: Mothers share feelings about upcoming school year

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 9:51 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Back to school is a big deal, and not just for kids, but for the parents as well. The Morning Edition’s Ariane Aramburo talked to some everyday moms about how last year went and how they’re feeling about the new school year.

Karen Waldron, a mother of two, said both of her daughters will be going back to school in person. The stay-at-home mom said she has a lot of crazy roles in regards to all of that, but being a teacher is not one of them.

“I am not equipped to being that specifically, so when the kids are going back to school, it kind of gives me a big relief just to be able to relax knowing that they’re getting the education that I’m not equipped to give them,” she said.

Yvette Cardoso, a mother of five, said this year, they were on the fence about whether to go back or not, but in the end, they decided that all of her kids will return to public school.

“There’s no right or wrong answer to either go to public school or home school,” she said. “They’re both amazing programs and children are resilient and they’re going to do amazing.”

Kali Robaina said her family has chosen to place both children back into in-person classes. Robaina has a son Wyatt, who is starting 8th grade, and a daughter Jane, who will start preschool this year.

“We ultimately chose to let him go back because it’s just better for his socialization, he was learning better in class than he was at home,” Robaina said. “It was a pretty easy decision to send him back and he’s vaccinated, so we’re pretty comfortable.”

Nicole Alexander, a mother of three, has two kids going back to school in person, while her son will finish his senior year online.

“My high schooler, it was his freshman year and it was a little hard for him to just kind of get into the routine and get with it, but he stuck with it but was very excited for in person at the end of the year,” said Alexander.

“Every household is run differently and every parent you know wants different things for their children,” Waldron added.

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